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Solar Panels in New Brunswick: Cost, Installers, and Financing

There is no shortage of solar panel companies and installers in New Brunswick. Over the last decade, the solar industry has experienced an average annual growth rate of 42% and is projected to continue to grow even more rapidly in the coming years.

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How much do solar panels cost in New Brunswick in 2021?

On average, solar panels in New Brunswick cost $#.## per watt for an average installation cost of $13,000 for a 5kW system.

Depending on the solar installer you choose, the total solar panel installation cost can range plus or minus $5,000 but the above is an average cost of a solar panel system. The total cost will also vary depending on what financing options you choose and how you decide to pay for your solar panels. If for example you put no money down and finance over 10-15 years, you are likely going to pay more in interest, but depending on your current energy bill this may make perfect sense to avoid paying anything out of pocket.

What Rebates are available to me in New Brunswick For My Solar System?

In the United States, there is a 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit for both residential and commercial solar panel installation. This allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of installing solar panels in New Brunswick from your federal taxes.

It’s important to note that in 2023, the rate for the federal tax credits will decrease from 26% to 22%, so it may be worth exploring solar panel installation in New Brunswick sooner than later for additional tax savings.

There are also many local New Brunswick incentive programs, many of which are available through the electric companies and local governments. In New Brunswick specifically, unfortunately, there is no local state tax credit. New Brunswick removed the solar tax credits as of 2021 and there is no date for the tax credit to return. However, the federal tax credit will still help with the cost of solar energy in New Brunswick.

Common New Brunswick Solar Panel Questions Answered

In our conversations with New Brunswick Solar panel installation companies, we ask them a variety of questions that our customers have:

Are Solar Panels Worth It in New Brunswick?

We have sat down and chatted with solar panel installation companies to provide you with the best answers to your common questions.

Yes, powering your home with a solar panel system is worth it in New Brunswick. In fact, solar panels have a reasonable return on investment in every state across the country. While it’s no doubt that certain states and cities get more sun than others, New Brunswick gets an average of ### sunny days per year while the US average is 205 sunny days. This is plenty of sun for solar panels to have a great return on investment and a reasonable payback period.

How Large of a Solar Panel System Do I Need in New Brunswick?

This will largely depend on your current energy usage and what you are currently paying for your home or business energy usage. Just look at your bill from your utility company to see your average monthly energy usage and this will help you understand the system size of the solar energy system that you need.

How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take?

An experienced solar panel installation company can typically complete an installation of a home solar energy system in a few days. It is important that when you are installing your solar panels that it is done on a roof that is in good condition.

Installing your solar panels on an old roof may result in unnecessary expenses for repair and replacement. It's worth having a roofing specialist take a look before investing in your solar power system.

What Happens If My Solar Panels Are Damaged in New Brunswick?

The warranty on your solar power system will be provided by the installer and will be included in the cost of solar panels. If your solar system is damaged just contact the installer. If your warranty is expired you may need to explore options to replace or repair your existing solar panels.

Free Solar Panels in New Brunswick: Is It Possible?

While there is a real cost of solar panels and the system and panels themselves are not free, it is possible to get your solar system installed with no down payment while saving on your monthly energy costs. Connect with a Solar Flamingo specialist to explore the best financing options for your residential solar system to see how you can get instant electricity savings.

Can I Install Solar Panels on A Property I Don't Own?

While it is possible to buy solar panels that are not attached to a residential property this is not common and not recommended for large systems. In order to capitalize on tax credits and get a solar system that will provide you with enough electricity, you will need to be the homeowner and have access to the utility and electricity bills for that property.

Will My Solar Panels Still Work During Power Outages?

Solar energy is powered by solar panels and these solar panels absorb the energy from the sun to create electricity. However, this electrical is converted to AC electricity in order to properly power your house.

Unfortunately, the solar panels do not serve as a backup electricity source if the power to your home goes out. That said, it is possible to invest in solar-powered generators and other solar power products that may help during times of power outages.